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Catalog Home Page > Face treatments > Rejuvenate > Elixir Metaserum 30 ml

Elixir Metaserum 30 ml

Catalog Home Page > Face treatments > Rejuvenate > Elixir Metaserum 30 ml
Elixir Metaserum 30 ml
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Elixir Metaserum 30 ml
LV 457-106
Commercial Information
Unit Price 88.00 TTC



A natural inspiration, an Avant-garde cosmetic
in an Absolute Concentrate of pure Beauty!

Elixir Metaserum [lyf] offers the quintessential anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, rehydrating properties of Argan oil and combines it with an avant-garde seaweed extract, Padina Pavonica. Elixir directly nourishes the epidermis and increases its ability to renew itself by multiplying hydrophilic agents; helping your skin combat the aggressive effects of sunlight, abrasions and other irritations. 


Star ingredients: Argan oil (nourishing, restructuring, anti-ageing), Padina Pavonica (lifting effect, anti free radicals), Capril triglycerides (emollient), Squalene (anti-ageing, precursor of DHEA), Lupeol (appeasing).



« ar457 serum is amazing,   it's like a 10hr sleep in every application.    Most of my clients are burning the candle at both ends, long haul flights, late night shows, make up, make up and more make up all leads to stressed out , tired and dull looking skin. We use this every night or even as a pre-base, it leaves the skin beautifully fresh, plump and ready for action”.

Karen Alder"


“If you must spend money on something, however, my latest crush is ar457’s Elixir Metaserum. It’s a transludent hydrating liquid that leaves skin plump and moist, and it contains incredibly high levels of the antioxidant tocopherol (vitamin E). I have jettonised a much-hyped £220 moisturizer (which was, frankly, underperforming) in favor of it. Further proof that field experience in the bathroom trumps beauty-company marketing speak any day of the week”.

 Bethan Cole, Instyle


“So it seems the answer is that if my peachy complexion appears to be losing its youthful glow, all I need is to slick on ar457 Long Lasting Eye Contour [look] and ar457 Elixir [lyf] both made with Argan oil, which will  provide a barrier against dehydration, that well-known wrinkle-causer”.

Ellen Burney, ELLE UK


“ar457’s Metaserum Elixir, which contains the oil (argan), is marvelously regenerative & soothing for sensitive skin”.

Nicky Kinnaird, SPACE NK


“Elixir by the French line ar457, newly available in the United States, comes in a test tube and includes rosemary and brown algae extracts. Rubbing oil directly on one’s cheeks feels verboten, but the rich Elixir – our favorite among the sampled potions – doesn’t coat the skin with a greasy film. It sinks in gradually, leaving behind a scent of roses and lily of the valley”.



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